The Bowen Technique is one of the most versatile and effective therapeutic treatments available today, revolutionising the healthcare world and giving people back their quality of life. Here's just a small selection of outcomes for some of the people who have had treatment with Better With Bowen.

Throughout our website we have not included an individual’s name on testimonials to protect their identity. We give symptoms, occupation, age, etc. which we hope you will find more helpful.

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55 year old legal secretary, 2 treatments

I have had sciatica for over 12 months and I wish I had come a lot sooner for this treatment. I was in a lot of pain, and now I have none.

Restricted Neck

2 treatments

A 38 year old man could not rotate his neck more than a few degrees before pain checked the movement. One session freed the neck though there was lingering stiffness in the shoulders. After the second treatment he was able to look over his shoulder and all stiffness had gone.

Aches & pains all over, sleep & anxiety problems

34 year old office manager, 3 treatments

After one treatment I felt so much better, my sleeping was improved greatly. The whole experience was unusual but extremely beneficial and relaxing. Would recommend this treatment to friends and family without hesitation. Thank you Fiona, you are the star I have been waiting for."

Back Pain

2 treatments

A 45 year old woman had suffered with back pain following an injury 25 years ago. On examination I could see her body was out of alignment. After one session she rang to say the pain was hardly there at all. After the second treatment the pain had gone altogether. Two years later she is still pain free.

Lower back pain

40 year old nurse, 4 treatments

I had back pain and pain in my neck and shoulders. After 4 visits I have no pain at all. Fiona has done wonders and I would recommend the Bowen Technique to all.

Frozen Shoulder

3 treatments

Medical treatment and physiotherapy seemed to give a 34 year old woman no relief at all for her frozen shoulder, yet after the first treatment there was an improvement. After the third treatment the problem was quite resolved.

Pain in many areas

67 year old retired person, 5 treatments

When I came for Bowen treatment the first time I was in so much pain and discomfort. I tried so many other therapies to seek relief, so trying Bowen was the last resort for me. After the first treatment I had greater mobility and less pain and with further treatments I am now practically pain free. So glad I came to see Fiona.

Stress & sleep problems

4 treatments

A self-employed man was working more than 80 hours per week and was clearly suffering from burn-out with aches all over, lack of sleep and feeling very stressed. He was amazed at the immediate effect of relaxation and easing of tension. Three further treatments and restructuring of his working week brought quality back into his life.

Hip, knee & shin pain

28 year old support teacher, 4 treatments

When I first came to see Fiona I was in a lot of pain and now after four treatments I am pain free!
Fiona is very professional and I have found the treatments to be very relaxing. I would thoroughly recommend people to try Bowen Therapy.
Thank you Fiona.

Excessive belching

1 treatment

A fit and active 72 year old phoned to ask if I could help solve his excessive belching. However, when he arrived in clinic I had no idea what I’d let myself in for when taking the booking! His belching was frequent and persistent.
He’d spent 10 months in and out of hospital for various treatments and tests, all to no avail. Every sentence he spoke was interrupted by belching, and as it kept him awake at night, the tiredness added to his problems.
During his first treatment I noticed the belching had reduced in frequency and he telephoned me 3 days later to say his drive home from the clinic had been belch-free and he’d finally had a good night’s sleep. He’d left it 3 days to tell me about the ‘miracle’ as he couldn’t quite believe his freedom continued. He was elated on the phone. The problem never returned.

Neck & shoulder pain

57 year old Head Teacher, 2 treatments

I just got better and better over the weeks and am not taking any pain killers now. Very pleased with the treatment.

Back, hip & leg pain

5 treatments

A 68 year disabled woman was hardly able to walk even with the aid of a walking frame and she was in a great deal of pain.
Following an accident and injury to the spine, 3 lumbar vertebrae were fused together. Although in pain earlier, since the operation she was in agony, was immobile and on morphine.
After the first treatment she was able to move a short distance free of pain and these pain-free episodes increased as the days went by. After 6 days she felt able to walk to the local shops (which surprised even me) and as she’d done so well, then decided to walk back! Needless to say, this was too much and she was back in pain again (which didn’t surprise me).
A further 5 treatments later and following to the dot all my self-help guidance, she was able to put her walking frame away and start living independently again. A year later she was still doing well, pacing her activities and enjoying life again.

Early onset Parkinson’s Disease

31 year old plumber, ongoing treatments

I’m a 31 year old male with Parkinson’s Disease and came in slightly sceptical of Bowen but straight after the first session I felt a little less stiff and a little less anxious.
Four treatments on I’m feeling even more improvements. I’m walking a lot easier, trembling less and have less pain in the neck and shoulder areas. I’m going to try fortnightly sessions to see if the Bowen can keep helping from session to session.
I would and have recommended Fiona and Bowen to family and friends and I look forward to finding out what the outcome of more Bowen will do to benefit me in the future.

This patient felt his fortnightly Bowen sessions were indispensable to keeping his symptoms to a minimum and stayed with me until he moved away from the area.

Forearm muscle spasm

1 treatment

A worker sustained a severe cramp on the upper forearm as he pulled on a guide rope in the felling of a heavy tree section. As I was on the spot I was able to give him immediate Bowen treatment and in a short time his muscles relaxed.
However, I noticed how tense his back and shoulders were and indeed he often suffered pain.
He sensibly came to the clinic and improved greatly after just 2 treatments.

Neck & shoulder pain

57 year old teacher, 2 treatments

I came to see Fiona to have treatment on my left neck and shoulder which had become very tense and painful to the point I could hardly turn my neck or move my arm.
After the first treatment I experienced more stiffness at first which Fiona has explained could be the ‘Healing Crisis’ getting worse before getting better. Then day by day it slowly began to get better. After the second treatment I can now raise my arm high above my head – whereas hardly at all last week and always with pain. The relief now is wonderful. I am continuing treatment for my hip and back which I’m more aware of now. The symptoms I came in for have gone and I am so pleased as it (the pain) was wearing me down.
I have certainly benefitted from the Bowen and would recommend it to anyone for any symptom. (Previously last year Fiona had treated me for anxiety – again all gone! Wonderful). I have found the Bowen Technique surprisingly wonderful, don’t know how it works, but it does! Fiona is very professional and thorough. I felt very relaxed both inside and out.

Muscle tension and fatigue all over

4 treatments

A 15 year old was booked for treatment and attended with her mother.
On the first session I noticed a disparity between the fears and anxieties of the mother for her beautiful teenage daughter and the obvious intelligence and sensibility of the adolescent. Her condition of stiffness and pain had been ongoing for over a year and despite NHS and alternative treatments, was still progressively getting worse, causing more pain and making her anxious about herself. She also felt under a lot of pressure as she was in the year of her final exams in which she wanted to excel. It was also obvious that the worries and concerns of the mother were regarded by the child as unfounded and this caused further tension.
As she hadn’t improved significantly after her second visit, I examined aspects of her life in further detail. Upon research of side effects of the medication she was taking, I noticed stiffness in muscles was one of them and recommended either a change of medication or a discussion as to whether this medication was necessary in the first place.
I also recommended family counselling to create harmony in the hard-working, loving and caring family I observed them to be.