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I have been involved in complementary medicine and holistic therapies for over forty years. During this time I have accumulated a comprehensive understanding of the human body, pain patterns, posture, sports injuries and exercises for flexibility and strength. The main reason for all this study and experience is due to the fact that in my mid teens and 20s I experienced chronic back ache. Years later, I learnt this was due to a childhood coccyx injury causing displacement, which being untreated, resulted in ‘swayback’, an exaggerated inward curve of the lower spine, which had implications impacting on the damage caused by accidents experienced later in life. In subsequent years I suffered, at various times, reasonably serious injuries to coccyx, neck, mid spine, lower spine, hips and knees.

During your treatment with me I use all my knowledge, skills gained and experience to focus on you (or your child) as an individual. I will also help you gain a wider understanding of your symptoms and what you can do to put yourself on a road to optimum wellbeing.

I am a firm believer in helping you to help yourself towards maintaining whole health.

I first came across the Bowen Technique in 1993 and received treatment for tennis elbow, which had been causing problems for 18 months. I was originally put on pain relievers and given various creams, tried physiotherapy, ultrasound and TENS treatments and various forms of massage, but the problem persisted. I was recommended the Bowen Technique and after 2 sessions the problem was gone. As the treatment had been so effective I thought I would give it a try for another long-standing problem.

Over the years I'd been to the doctors for sciatica, and just given painkillers. I’d tried all sorts of alternative treatment which, whilst giving relief, nevertheless the problem would always creep back. So I went along to the Bowen therapist and this took only one treatment for my pain to subside and I didn’t feel it for about 20 years! - until I had another accident and suffered trauma to hips, spine & R knee.

Some years later I had a terrible whiplash injury and my first action was to look for a local Bowen practitioner. I was in a lot of pain and so immobile, but the therapist seemed to do hardly anything. The effects were immediate - suddenly, I could move my neck!

I was astounded and decided I would train in this amazing technique but it was not until 2005 that I actually started learning the Bowen Technique with Bowtech - the official organisation teaching the original Bowen Technique.

In 2009 I took a course in Advanced Special Bowen Procedures, which has given me more procedures to use for those difficult-to-resolve and more rare cases. Not only good for me, but a real boon for the client.

Since becoming an accredited practitioner, I continually find my own clients have been as amazed as I was myself following treatment and as pleased with the beneficial results.

Many have written of their experience, samples of which you can see here.

From an early age when I first spotted contradictions in what I was taught to believe and the difference of lived experience, I have had a thirst for knowledge and what are the truth and facts of things. In young years I concentrated on understanding who I really was as an individual being – the biology, physiological, intellectual and mental processes, genetic, environmental and conditioning factors, emotions and hormonal systems and spiritual development.

Since the start of academic study I have more knowledge of how to carry out detailed research of all those subjects that interest me or are relevant. The thirst for knowledge whether academic or knowledge gained through experience, has not left me. Neither has the recognition that whilst I may gain understanding from others, so others can benefit from what I’ve learnt and the desire to put that across as clearly and simply as I can.

Since training in the Bowen Technique, it will not surprise you that the bulk of my research, courses and training has been connected in one way or another with the understanding and treatment of the human individual.

You can rest assured when you come to Better With Bowen you will be in the safe hands of a professional, knowledgeable and effective Bowen therapist who is committed to helping you, the individual.

When I'm not treating people or involved in administration or research, I'm quite likely to be getting on with my garden, which being quite a size, takes more than a bit of upkeep! When I’m not in the garden, like most people, I enjoy being with friends and family, getting out and about and generally indulging interests and having fun. I also like meditating, learning new things and skills, doing stained glass work and singing with Secret Singers natural voice choir.