Would Bowen therapy help me?

Whether you are frail or pregnant, have a recent injury or a problem that’s been with you for years, you should consider the Bowen Technique.

I can assist recovery from many conditions and in most cases only a few treatments are required. Indeed a few people having had just one treatment found they had no need to return as their problem was resolved.

It is well documented that the NHS has a low impact on musculoskeletal pain of unknown causes. Tension, depression and stress problems are often treated with drugs that have serious consequences for long term users and reliance on pain-killers may sensibly be regarded as not a healthy way to continue. Many people have personal experience of the ineffectiveness of regular treatment causing them to seek alternative therapies.

Although many claim to help sufferers, nevertheless only a few are completely effective. Of those few, the Bowen Technique is one of the most effective with a high success rate and generally needing only a few treatments to completely resolve the problem thus ensuring less time is lost at work and with carrying out other activities.

Because of the gentle nature of the Bowen Technique and given that this is a therapy that does not require the patient to 'think' their way to recovery, it makes it perfectly suitable not only for adults and children but also for the treatment of babies and animals. Babies suffering from colic can have their condition quickly resolved by treatment with Baby Bowen – Bowen Technique for babies. Animals are treated by practitioners using CCMRT - Cat and Canine Muscle Release Therapy, or EMRT - Equine Muscle Release Therapy.

Better With Bowen not only treats using this brilliant therapy, I will also give you guidance on how to heal more quickly and to remain pain free, thus optimising your potential to lead a better life.

No adverse side effects have been reported

Find out how Better With Bowen can benefit you

The Bowen Technique is not a miracle cure and responses are individual, though most people will feel an improvement after just one or two sessions. These are some of the conditions I have had success with.

Neck & shoulder pain

57 year old Head Teacher, 2 treatments

I just got better and better over the weeks and am not taking any pain killers now. Very pleased with the treatment.

Pain all over

71 year old retired missionary, 4 treatments

Just a few words with a very Big THANK YOU for what you have done for Chris. He is off all tablets and feeling so much more his old self. It took some time, but I’m glad I was finally able to persuade him to come and see you. I’ll not hesitate to pass your details on to others.

Neck & shoulder pain

34 year old mechanic, 1 treatment

Thank you Fiona. You have worked miracles on my neck and given me full movement and well-being.

Aches and pains all over

67 year old retired person, 5 treatments

I wish I'd heard about the Bowen Technique before. To be finally pain-free is such a relief.

Pain & swelling in knees, shoulders & back pain

62 year old receptionist, 4 sessions

I came to see Fiona with no knowledge of Bowen. The treatment is so subtle that you think how can it work? But the following day after that first treatment I realised that I felt differently. I had about 4 treatments after which my pains and the swelling in my knees had gone. I have continued to feel much better and would highly recommend this treatment.

Back pain

37 year old joiner, 3 sessions

When I started this treatment I was immobile and in a lot of pain. Over the past six weeks I have improved to the point I was before injury and I hope that by following your advice and keeping up with the exercises my pain won’t return. Thank you Fiona.


Young parents of 4 week old baby, 1 session

We’re so pleased we travelled to see you. Oliver has settled down completely and we’ve not seen him in pain and the vomiting occurring since we brought him to you. Thank you so much.

Hip & neck problems

67 year old active retired person, 2 sessions

I have received excellent support treatment and although I was initially sceptical I know the Bowen is effective for me. I am grateful to Fiona for her professional care.

Mid back pain

26 year old homemaker, 1 session

By the time I sought help from Fiona I was struggling to lift my 2 year old. My friend had good results from seeing her & recommended I go & see her. At this stage I would give anything a go & somewhat sceptically went along to my appointment. After a couple of days I began to feel less pain and as each day progressed I felt more & more better. I have had no problems since and would recommend Fiona to anyone seeking alternative pain therapy.

Anxiety & sleep problems

34 year old office manager, 2 sessions

After one treatment I felt so much better, my sleeping was improved greatly. The whole experience was unusual but extremely beneficial. Would recommend this treatment to friend and family without hesitation. Thank you Fiona, you’re the star I have been waiting for.

Find out how Better With Bowen can benefit you