Sports Injuries

  • Accidental injuries
  • Sprains and strains
  • Spasm and cramps
  • Knee & ankle problems
  • Rotator cuff injury

Although it is undeniable that fitness, exercise, flexibility and health are good traits to aim for, sometimes things go wrong and leave us in pain often accompanied by a lack of movement. Whether we are taking part in team sports, various group or individual activities and exercise, or have the misfortune of a traumatic accident, the problems that occur can be very similar in their impact.

Problems and injuries can occur through poor training methods, lack of conditioning and weakness in muscles, tendons and ligaments, inappropriate or unsafe equipment or environment, overstraining or from accidents. Almost any part of the body can be injured.

If you’re a sports person Bowen therapy can help you move more freely, recover faster between games and events and give you an edge in performance over other, equally talented players. Any slight imbalance will lead to a slight loss of performance and could well be the difference between winning and losing.

Bowen therapy helps to stimulate recovery, improve stamina and balance the body thus enhancing performance and ability.

Whether you are a professional athlete or an amateur trying to improve your flexibility and strength, want to perfect a yoga pose, run that half marathon even faster, or whether you simply want to minimize the risk of injury when you next exert yourself, Better With Bowen will have a positive impact in speeding your recovery, enhancing your performance and helping you on a path for optimum pain-free movement.

The Bowen Technique can be used for trauma and injury to almost every part of the body from the head to the feet including:

TMJ imbalance
Neck injuries
Shoulder pain and restrictions
Deltoid, biceps and triceps injury
Tennis and Golfer’s elbow
Forearm injuries and strains
Wrist and hand problems
Upper back and trapezius tension
Mid and lower back pain
Pelvic tilt and misalignment
Gluteal and sciatic pain
Hamstring pulls and strains
Quadriceps contusion and tightness
Adductor strain
Knee injury and pain
Calf and shin tightness and pain
Ankle and foot problems