Children and Adolescents

With its gentle, safe and effective treatment, Bowen Therapy should be considered for a variety of complaints for your child at whatever age.

When regarding the care and treatment of their child, few parents would argue with the principle that patient focused, effective and compassionate, holistic care is the ideal to meet their child’s needs.

A Bowen treatment session aims to help the body holistically, balancing the body while also addressing areas of tension and strain. It is undeniable that, whether we recognise it or not, our being has multiple life-sustaining systems working all together all at the same time. Every one of these systems will have an influence on the others moment to moment. An imbalance in any one of them will have its effect on all the others.

The connection between mind, body and feeling is often clearer to see and recognise in children, than when we are considering our own complaints. It has been well documented that problems suffered by adults, whether those are physical, emotional or mind centred, often have their roots in childhood or teen years. It makes sense therefore that when problems are encountered, for the benefit of all, your child needs a treatment they can readily accept, is safe for them to receive and is effective in producing results.

Bowen Therapy is truly holistic, addressing the entire body through restoring balance via the autonomic nervous system. The Bowen moves prompt the shift from the stressed, sympathetic ‘fight or flight’ mode to parasympathetic ‘rest and repair’ dominance. This allows the young person to relax and healing to begin.

The children who come to Better With Bowen quickly accept the gentle Bowen moves as they find the treatment very relaxing. Unlike adults, children receive fewer or no breaks during treatment. Treatment is carried out through light clothing, either on the couch, sitting or standing, whichever they feel most comfortable with. The parent, or other carer, must be present during treatment and will often support the therapist in making the treatment session as enjoyable as possible by interacting with the child.

Treatment sessions for children and teens can often be shorter than those for adults - generally the younger the child the less work is necessary for results to start taking place.

Do not be concerned if you have a hyperactive, restless or difficult child. Although treatment carried out on a couch is ideal, we can treat the person in whatever position(s) they find most relaxing and comfortable for them.

In addressing childhood and teen complaints you can expect a calmer, more balanced individual, pain free and with improved sleeping patterns, better concentration and mood.

Some of the conditions commonly affecting children and adolescents that will benefit from being treated at Better With Bowen:

Falls and Sports injuries
Juvenile arthritis
Joint pain
Growing pains
Aches & pains in general
Highly emotional and upset
Anger issues
Attention Deficit Disorder (ADD)
Difficulty sleeping
Headaches and migraines
Digestive complaints
Colic / upset stomach
Psychological trauma
Weak co-ordination

For babies and toddlers please see here