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Videos about Bowen Therapy

These video clips give an insight into how other people view The Bowen Technique and how valuable it is for various conditions. They are not only informative, but most are also inspiring.

  1. About Tom Bowen and the Bowen Technique
  2. Why Bowen is so good for a variety of complaints
  3. Effective results
  4. Conditions encountered in a Canadian clinic
  5. The how and why of the Bowen Technique
  6. Amazing results on an 18 year problem
  7. Chronic pain and fibromyalgia
  8. Whiplash, restricted shoulder and foot problems
  9. The Bowen Technique in pregnancy and labour
  10. A typical first treatment
  11. Panic, anxiety and disturbed sleep
  12. Quality teaching of the original Bowen Technique through Bowtech
  13. The Canine Bowen Technique
  14. Emergency move for asthma and breathing problems
  15. The wise choice to make for treatment of your injury
  16. A better quality of life
  17. Letting people know about Bowen




















John Wilks, a senior Bowtech instructor in the U.K. talks on Conscious TV about how he first came across the Bowen Technique. He also introduces Tom Bowen the person who devised this technique of working on the body.



Alexia Monroe, a senior Bowtech instructor in the U.S., in introducing the Bowen Technique, explains why it is so good for those complaints, (even long-standing), that other therapies and techniques just don't quite resolve. She refers to a variety of diverse complaints such as infertility, migraines and colic in babies, and why the Bowen Technique produces results.



Johnathon Damonte talks about the Bowen Technique on At Home TV and demonstrates the effective results of treatment on a client currently receiving Bowen treatment.



CH News in Canada interviews a practitioner in the Bowen Technique. She talks about the variety of conditions she encounters in the clinic.

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John Wilks talks on Conscious TV about the how and why of the Bowen Technique.



John Wilks, U.K. senior instructor, demonstrates the Bowen Technique on a woman who has had an 18 year neck problem - with remarkable results.



Alexia Monroe, a senior instructor in the U.S. talks to a group about the Bowen Technique with particular reference to addressing chronic pain and fibromyalgia. She then demonstrates Bowen moves on a man who has had a recent onset of a restriction in his shoulder.



Alexia Monroe shows the results of the minimal Bowen moves made in the previous video clip regarding the restricted shoulder. She then talks about the Bowen Technique with reference to acute symptoms of whiplash, a case involving a neuroma of the foot and why Bowen should be your best choice for producing effective results.

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Dr. Caroline Goh talks about how complaints she experienced in pregnancy lead her to learn the Bowen therpay techniques. She now specialises in applying the Bowen Technique for pregnancy and labour.



Dr. Heidi Rootes talks about how she first came across the Bowen Technique and talks us through a typical first treatment.



Mark Moxon, a practitioner in Australia, specialises in Bowen therapy for conditions relating to panic, anxiety and disturbed sleep. He talks about the Bowen Technique with particular reference to these conditions and why it's the best decision to choose a Bowtech- trained practitioner.



John Wilks, a senior instructor with Bowtech, the official organisation teaching and promoting the original Bowen Technique, talks about Bowen and promotes material from Cyma Ltd., an organisation of his producing books and CDs.

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A short video produced by introducing the Canine Bowen Technique and why it should be the number one consideration in the treatment of your pet.



Diana from New Zealand shows you through an emergency Bowen move that could well help you, or save somebody's life, in the event of an asthma attack or when problems with breathing occur.



A promotional video for Bowen Therapy Clinics explaining why it's a wise choice to choose the Bowen Technique for relief from your injury.



Promotional material for Bowen Therapy Clinics in North America.



A short video showing how to put an 'Every Body Feels Better with Bowen' sticker on your car!

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