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Fiona Milnes
Advanced Bowen Practitioner
BA (Hons), BSc, BTAA
07763 991 556


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At Better With Bowen we recommend you help yourself by the most natural methods possible. The items we sell will not interfere with this approach.


POSTURE CUSHION - corrects sitting posture and relieves pain

Due to the fact that most seating is of poor postural design, the use of our handy portable orthopaedic wedge cushion can really help not only in maintaining correct seating position but will also ease back aches and discomfort.

each mm mm 18.50
P & P nm mmn 4.99

GIFT VOUCHER - one treatment

This gift voucher is for one initial treatment lasting approx 90 minutes. This gives you a saving of 8.00 on the current price

each mm mm 45.00
P & P nm mmn free

GIFT VOUCHER - two treatments

This gift voucher is for two treatments, the first being the initial treatment lasting approx 90 minutes and a follow-up treatment, generally a week later, lasting no more than an hour. A saving of 15.00 on current price

each mm mm 80.00
P & P nm mmn free
Full consultation -- Detailed assessments including orthopaedic tests -- Treats a wide variety of conditions -- Safe and gentle approach to client -- Most often, only a few sessions are needed, even if the problem is long-standing -- We can help make a marked and long-lasting effect on your health -- Guidance in suitable exercises -- Guidance in postural correction --