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points of pain on human body enter better with bowen migraines and headaches stress and anxiety tinnitus and dizziness sinusitis and hayfever TMJ and jaw problems neck pain and whiplash injuries upper back pain and baby colic indigestion and bowel problems shoulder problems inc frozen shoulder arm elbow and wrist problems back pain and scoliosis pregnancy and post natal discomfort kidney and bladder problems inc in children hip and groin pain infertility and mentrual problems sciatica and pain in the thighs Raynauld's disease tingling and trigger fingers knee problems leg cramps and shin splints Achilles heel problems plantar fascitis ankle and foot problems

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Therapy clinics in Accrington and Colne covering the Pendle, and Blackburn areas

Workplace and home visits also available

The diagram on the right shows some of the conditions I've been successful in treating


28 year old fitness instructor presenting with calf strain

"After one treatment the pain was almost halved and the day after, the strain had completely disappeared! Magic! The morning of the treatment I was struggling to go upstairs or put my foot on the floor. Brilliant"

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