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Fiona Milnes
Advanced Bowen Practitioner
BA (Hons), BSc, BTAA
07763 991 556


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Some Case Histories and Testimonials

The Bowen Technique is one of the most versatile and effective therapeutic treatments available today revolutionising the healthcare world and giving people back their quality of life. Here's just a small selection of outcomes for some of the people who have had treatment with Better With Bowen


55 year old legal secretary : Sciatica

"I have had sciatica for over 12 months and I wish I had come a lot sooner for this treatment.

I was in a lot of pain, and now I have none."

2 treatments

A 38 year old man could not rotate his neck more than a few degrees before pain checked the movement. One session freed the neck though there was lingering stiffness in the shoulders. After the second treatment he was able to look over his shoulder and all stiffness had gone.
A 45 year old woman had suffered with back pain after an injury 25 years ago. On examination I could see her body was out of alignment. After one session she rang to say the pain was hardly there at all. After the second treatment the pain had gone altogether. Two years later she is still pain free.

28 year old admin worker : Aches & pains all over

"After one treatment I felt so much better, my sleeping was improved greatly. The whole experience was unusual but extremely beneficial and relaxing. Would recommend this treatment to friends and family without hesitation. Thank you Fiona, you are the star I have been waiting for."

3 treatments


40 year old nurse : Lower back pain

"I had back pain and pain in my neck and shoulders. After 4 visits I have no pain at all.

Fiona has done wonders and I would recommend the Bowen Technique to all."

4 treatments

Medical treatment and physiotherapy seemed to give a 34 year old woman no relief at all for her frozen shoulder, yet after the first treatment there was an improvement. After the third treatment the problem was quite resolved.
A self-employed man was working more than 80 hours per week and was clearly suffering from burn-out with aches all over, lack of sleep and feeling very stressed. He was amazed at the immediate effect of relaxation and easing of tension. Three further treatments and restructuring of his working week brought quality back into his life.

67 year old retired person : Pain in many areas

"When I came for Bowen treatment the first time I was in so much pain and discomfort. I tried so many other therapies to seek relief, so trying Bowen was the last resort for me. After the first treatment I had greater mobility and less pain and with further treatments I am now practically pain free. So glad I came to see Fiona."

5 treatments

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