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Fiona Milnes
Advanced Bowen Practitioner
BA (Hons), BSc, BTAA
07763 991 556
CNHC Reg. No. 102-B10

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The Benefits of treatment with Better With Bowen

A doctor who prescribes an identical treatment in two individuals and expects an identical development, may be properly classified as a social  menace

        Lin Yutang

At Better With Bowen not only will you receive treatment with the Bowen Technique you will benefit in so many other ways as well to help you understand the problem and gain insight into prevention of future injury and pain.

As I aim to give you the best and most appropriate treatment, I always keep up to date with professional development, and research fully. I have appropriate insurance and belong to the professional regulating organisations. You can rest assured you have placed yourself with a professional and committed therapist. The public's interests are taken into account when regulating membership through the Complementary and Natural Healthcare Council (CNHC).

Various aspects of treatment
at Better with Bowen


The Benefits to You


Helps determine root causes and I help the client to understand what s/he can do to participate in a successful outcome

Detailed assessments including
orthopaedic tests
Helps determine where I need to work and what I can do that will be most effective. If I address only the area of pain, 70% of the time I will be in the wrong place
Gentle treatment   With no reported adverse side effects, the Bowen Technique is suitable from newborns to the frail or elderly and for those in severe pain
Treats a wide variety of conditions   Whether structural or functional I can help relieve your pain whether from recent injuries or for problems that have been around for years
Most often, only a few sessions are needed to alleviate complaints   Even if the problem is long-standing, by working with the participation of the client, I am able to ensure that most ailments are resolved in a short time
Effective resolution of problem   Once dealt with, the problem will not return unless there is a re-injury
Guidance in suitable and effective exercises  

I always give suitable and manageable exercises, tailored to the client's need enabling the client to help his/herself

Guidance in postural correction and diet  

As so many of us get into poor postural habits, which often help a problem linger and worsen, posture is always assessed and I then give suitable guidance to the client

Available 5 days a week including evenings   Treatment can be done to fit the client’s own schedule
Available on the phone

I'm always willing to answer questions and/or give suggestions following treatment

Having experienced pain and trauma from serious injuries myself, I understand the difficulties involved in the recovery process. I continue to follow and develop a broad interest in all aspects of health matters, plus continuing professional development is mandatory for all registered and accredited Bowen practitioners.

Back pain and sciatica -- WE CAN HELP -- Repetitive Strain injury -- WE CAN HELP -- Neck and shoulder problems (including frozen shoulder) -- WE CAN HELP -- sports injuries -- WE CAN HELP -- traumatic injuries -- WE CAN HELP -- Infertility -- WE CAN HELP -- Menstrual problems, hormonal problems -- WE CAN HELP -- Groin pain, pelvic tilt, uneven leg length -- WE CAN HELP -- tennis elbow, carpal tunnel syndrome -- WE CAN HELP